It’s simple, eliminate the problem by removing the cause!

Physical Healthcare

Physical disorders are common causes of pain and discomfort. Balancing the body posture and alignment is an easy way to correct these imbalances. Dr. Green usually starts at the fee and works his way up the body over time, allowing the body to make significant adjustments one stage at a time.


Pain Management:

Identify the cause of the pain, treat the imbalance using non-pharmaceutical methods, and provide aftercare instructions. For example, restricted joints, tight connective tissues, improper posture, old injuries and/or surgeries, poor nutrition, and scar tissue can all cause restrictions that lead to pinched nerves, restricted movement, and pain.

Suggested appointment length: 30min per area
Side effects: Temporary discomfort, and swelling, with possible changes to other areas not worked on
Contraindications: recent injury (within 72 hours), broken bones, open wounds (within 28 days)

Scar Tissue Removal:

Scar tissue forms to help hold together torn soft tissues. The web of tissue can span several inches to feet. The attached soft tissue causes pain and restrictions that dont go away because we dont produce anything inside our bodies that dissolves it. Using supplements, manual interventions, and ultrasound will help loosen, reduce and even remove scar tissue, including osteoarthritis.

Suggested appointment length: 15 to 30min per area
Side effects: heat, pain, discomfort, and greatly increased mobility after
Contraindications: ultrasound cannot be used on metal and electrical implants

Posture Strength & Flexibility Training:

Proper posture is a delicate balance between bone positioning and soft tissues that hold them together. Imbalances cause one area to become too tight and the opposing area to become too loose. Dr. Green’s method targets the areas that need specific training to reduce pain and discomfort, which can lead to poor quality of life.

Suggested appointment length: first appointment 120min, consecutive 30-60min as needed
Side effects: pain and discomfort as the body adjusts.
Contraindications: injuries that restrict movement.