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Energy Work

Our bodies are electrical. All nerve impulses that make our bodies work, including our metabolism, have to do with energy and chemistry. These services are customized to each individual’s health issues and help balance the body to allow proper electrical and energy flow.



This ancient Chinese method of energy work uses the same theory as acupuncture, only with compression or electrical stimulation rather than needles. The approach is that your body’s energy system can be blocked, causing disease. When opened, the body heals itself more efficiently. It can be performed while clothed but is most effective when unclothed, especially for electrical stimulation.

Suggested appointment length: first appointment 120min, consecutive 60min as needed
Side effects: bruising, light electrical shock, relaxation of soft tissue, more sensitive nerves sensations
Contraindications: electrical stimulation can not be performed with anyone who has metallic implants.


This Japanese energy healing method is relatively new on the alternative healthcare scene. The practitioner uses the earth’s natural frequency to balance the recipient’s body of any energy blockages. This technique can be done with clothes on and is still effective without direct touch.

Suggested appointment length: 60min as needed
Side effects: relaxation, positive mental state, less pain, possible (but rare) transference of discomfort or illness to and from the practitioner
Contraindications: none


This ancient healing method allows the practitioner to compress and stimulate specific nerve endings, causing a reaction in another part of the body. Nerve endings are commonly found in the ears, hands, and feet. A familiar reflex is when a doctor taps the tendon below your knee, causing the leg to jump.

Suggested appointment length: first appointment 45min, consecutive 30min monthly
Side effects: localized pain during compression may vary depending on the areas worked and areas receiving the reflex.
Contraindications: none


Electronics constantly bombard our bodies with excess electrons. When we accumulate these extra particles, it reduces our body’s chemistry and metabolism, which can cause disease. In addition, since we rarely ground (connect directly to the earth), we accumulate these free radicles. Lying on the Earthing mat for 45 minutes or longer causes a whole-body detox on the atomic level.

Suggested appointment length: 60min (as needed)
Side effects: sleepiness during, increased energy after
Contraindications: none