Naturopathic interventions cover various alternative techniques designed to help the body balance itself for quicker healing. Each session includes treatment to help start the healing process and education on how to continue the intervention at home, preventing repeat office visits.

Acupressure & Reflexology

     Acupressure is a form of alternative medicine that uses direct pressure to specific points on the body along the meridian energy lines. The theory is that body parts begin to malfunction when the electrical meridian lines become disconnected. Reflexology has been in practice since ancient times. A reflex is when stimulation to one area causes a reaction in another, like when a doctor taps the tendon under your knee, and it jumps without your control. There are reflexes all over the body, but the terminal branches of the feet, hands, and ears are the most common areas of treatment.

What to expect: An electrical stimulation tool is used to stimulate specific points, reconnect the meridian pathways, promote healing and pain relief, and allow the body to function correctly. The intensity of the stimulation ranges from light to firm, but all within your comfort level. For proper electrical conduction, clothing, and jewelry should be removed; You will be covered for modesty during the procedure. During the session, you will also be educated as to the locations of blockages and how you can continue treatment for these areas at home. There are no needles involved.

How often: Repeat as needed.


     Earthing is the electrical transmission of free radicals from your body into the ground. Electrical fields that we are bombarded with daily cause free radicals that slow the body’s metabolism and healing process. Rubber shoe soles, floors, and carpets prevent proper transmission of free radicles from the body into the ground. 

What to expect: Lying on an earthing/grounding mat for an hour detoxifies the body of many free radicles. You will most likely feel sleepy on the mat, then energized once you get up. The body will be able to recover and repair much faster once the detox is over. You may undress to your comfort level; however, the grounding mat works best with direct skin contact; the more, the better result. 

How often: For best results, it should be done every day. A good detox takes about an hour and should be repeated monthly for basic maintenance.


     Fasting is refraining from eating food or drinking anything other than pure water for a prolonged period. Many people are worried that they will starve to death, but that does not happen. Cravings and hunger fade after the first two or three days, and your energy levels will boost tremendously. During this time, your body will eat its fat reserves for energy, promoting rapid and safe weight loss. The body will focus on healing instead of digestion so that many health conditions can be effectively eliminated quickly.

What to expect: Choose between a ten or twenty day fast. Every day of the program, you will get an email with daily reminders, instructions, goals, and a check-in with your practitioner. In addition, the emails will have videos to help motivate and educate you so you can overcome any obstacles during the process. 

How often: Fasting can be repeated multiple times a year.

Foot Bath (Ionic or Magnesium)

     The foot bath is used to help balance the body to promote self-healing. The ionic bath is used to raise your Ph levels, and the magnesium bath is used to help with pain and muscle cramping.

What to expect: First, the feet are cleaned by soaking them in warm water, while a special cleaning node is used to disinfect the feet and release dead skin for better absorption. After your feet are cleaned, a second bath is used for treatment. The Ionic bath uses Himalayan salts in warm water with an ionizer that turns the water a rusty color. You will soak your feet in warm water with baking soda and magnesium citrate for the magnesium bath.

How often: Repeat as needed.

Personal Training

     The overall goal of the personal training is to provide easy-to-follow instructions on activities you can perform at home. In addition, because people can have physical limitations due to pain, injury, or disability, a customized exercise routine will be provided. 

What to expect: Each session consists of goal setting, exercises, and stretches to help you reach your goal within limits. Your form will be evaluated to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly.  

How often: Once a week for the first four to six weeks. Then once a month or as needed.

Postural Alignment

     Many aches and pains are due to improper posture. Software is used to evaluate your problem areas. Then, treatment and recommendations are given to help improve your posture while at home and work.

What to expect: After completing your posture report, you will be guided into a proper posture. Stretching and exercise suggestions will be provided to help continue the treatment at home.

How often: It is recommended that you come in once a week for four to six weeks, then as needed.


     This type of energy work is used to find and correct any displacement in your energy field. It aims to help improve the body’s natural healing process through shared energy transferal.

What to expect: Your energy field extends outside of your body, commonly called your ora. Most of the work will be done without touch; however, direct contact with problem areas (usually a light brief touch or tap) may be needed.

How often: Repeat as needed.

Spinal Decompression

     Gravity pulls us towards the ground, and this causes compression of the soft discs between each vertebra in the spine. As a result, muscles and ligaments that hold the spine together can become tight, adding more pressure. A disc that is compressed too much can bulge and pinch nerves. 

What to expect: This procedure is done on an inversion table. You will be twisted, stretched, and pulled while hanging at a comfortable angle. Since the ribs articulate with the spine, they will also be stretched.

How often: Depending on the condition of your spine, it is recommended to come at least once a week until relief is felt, then as needed.