It’s simple, eliminate the problem by removing the cause!

Diet & Nutrition

Diet is a significant aspect of healthcare management that is commonly missed in the medical industry. Yet, many (if not most) health concerns and diseases can be caused and relieved by your diet. Allow Dr. Green to educate you on proper diet, foods you should avoid, and ones you should add to improve your health.


Vitamins, Supplements & Enzymes:

Food is medicine. However, our modern diets have become excessively deficient in meeting our nutritional needs. When we lack specific vital nutrients, our body doesn’t work as well, making us more susceptible to disease. In addition, we commonly consume foods that our bodies cannot digest properly, which causes disease. Correcting these deficits will help your body digest faster and more efficiently, increase energy and mental clarity, and reduce inflammation, disease, and even some cancers.

Suggested appointment length: first appointment 60min, consecutive 30min (telehealth)
Side effects: even natural alternatives can have adverse side effects, including interactions with other food and drugs you may be taking. There is a risk of injury during exercise. Your entire healthcare team should monitor all treatments.
Contraindications: each intervention is different. Caution should be taken during any dietary intervention.

Natural Diet Coaching:

Dr. Green has a Ph.D. in Natural Health and Nutrition. The difference with his training is that he teaches why people have weight disorders instead of creating meal plans which are hard to follow. By understanding what food combinations and physical conditions cause weight issues, it is easy to eliminate foods that are harmful to your specific body.

Suggested appointment length: first appointment 90min, consecutive 30min (telehealth)
Side effects: weight loss/gain, craving discomfort, detoxing
Contraindications: specific conditions such as anorexia, bulimia, and body dysmorphic disorder


Unlike intermittent fasting (the current diet trend that causes the body to destroy healthy tissue for fuel), total fasting allows the body to detoxify, heal, and lose weight rapidly. It is much easier than you would imagine. Cravings and hunger go away, and your energy will spike. In addition, the body will cleanse harmful substances and repair itself from many disorders, including addictions, mental disorders, sensory disorders with vision and hearing, and much more.

Suggested appointment length: first appointment 90min, consecutive 30min (telehealth)
Side effects: hunger lasts for 2 to 3 days only; after that, lots of energy, rapid weight loss, teeth repair (fillings may fall out), increased health and decreased disease.
Contraindications: specific diseases, such as active bacterial or viral infection, weakness, and low body weight.