Are Humans Omnivores?

Series: The Natural Lifestyle for Humans Part 1 Our Natural Diet, Section 1. Trigger warning: this post will challenge your beliefs. Please accept the challenge and examine your beliefs without bias. Human beings are not a species or “kind” of their own. When we compare the anatomy of humans (which I will refer to by ourContinue reading “Are Humans Omnivores?”

“Natural” v Natural

Series: Disease, the Cause and the Cure Part 2 How to adapt in an unnatural world, Section 1. Trigger warning: this post will challenge your beliefs. Please accept the challenge and examine your beliefs without bias. The word “natural” can mean many different things depending on each individual’s views. When it comes to healthcare, theContinue reading ““Natural” v Natural”

Your Biggest Obstacle is Your Brain

Series: The Path to Natural Health Starts Here. Part 3 Argumentatively, the biggest obstacle to making significant changes in one’s life comes from within our minds. Even if a drastic lifestyle change is necessary for our survival, knowledge of the problem and how to fix it is usually not strong enough to make such changes.Continue reading “Your Biggest Obstacle is Your Brain”

Our Modern Lifestyle is Not Natural.

Series: The Quest for Health and Why we Fail. Part 1. Our world has drastically changed in the past 200 years. Even more extreme changes have happened since the Second World War. Take a moment and think about how much life has changed in your lifetime. We are rapidly changing the planet by deforestation, mining,Continue reading “Our Modern Lifestyle is Not Natural.”

Pelvic Disorders and Manual Therapy

Nationwide, the core curriculum for most massage therapy schools consists of a 500-hour program focusing on Swedish massage techniques. This basic modality is solely for improving joint movement and relaxing muscle tissue. Due to the limited education required to learn this technique, many states don’t allow massage therapists to perform pelvic floor or pelvic internalContinue reading “Pelvic Disorders and Manual Therapy”

Why I became an Natural Healthcare Doctor

By Dr. Robert V. Green, N.D. I have made it my life’s duty to help people. In 2002, after my first child’s birth, I decided to go back to school to get into alternative medicine. I started by becoming certified in reiki, musculoskeletal therapy, personal training, and fascia release. I started my practice in 2003,Continue reading “Why I became an Natural Healthcare Doctor”

What is a Naturotherapy?

Natural Healthcare has many different sub categories. Naturotherapy is the general term used and a parishioner is called a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.). These Doctors have had extensive training in helping improve their patients health through non medical means. In many peoples eyes this makes them a form of Complimentary Alternate Medicine (CAM). Should you trustContinue reading “What is a Naturotherapy?”