Why I became an Natural Healthcare Doctor

By Dr. Robert V. Green, N.D. I have made it my life’s duty to help people. In 2002, after my first child’s birth, I decided to go back to school to get into alternative medicine. I started by becoming certified in reiki, musculoskeletal therapy, personal training, and fascia release. I started my practice in 2003,Continue reading “Why I became an Natural Healthcare Doctor”

What is a Naturotherapy?

Natural Healthcare has many different sub categories. Naturotherapy is the general term used and a parishioner is called a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.). These Doctors have had extensive training in helping improve their patients health through non medical means. In many peoples eyes this makes them a form of Complimentary Alternate Medicine (CAM). Should you trustContinue reading “What is a Naturotherapy?”

Life Hack #1: Boost Your pH

Your pH level is commonly not considered by medical professionals as a leading cause of health issues. Most Doctors are taught about pH as it relates to blood, which is highly regulated around 7.4. They don’t usually consider that the human body works best when its intercellular fluids are at the same level. Almost allContinue reading “Life Hack #1: Boost Your pH”