What is Disease?

Series: Disease, the Cause and the Cure.

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The absolute best medicine is prevention, not intervention.

To truly understand how to cure disease, we need to understand what it is. When we feel ill, this is our body’s natural reaction to restore it to health, which means regaining internal balance. The term “disease” has been applied to many health disorders that are harmful to our bodies. For instance, alcoholism has been referred to as a disease of the mind. When we genuinely examine alcoholism, we find the true cause is not internal, our brain, but the external influences hurting our mind and body.

We should apply this same principle to any external source that we can become addicted to, such as drugs (illegal or prescription), cigarettes, and even stimulants like coffee and, yes, the very food we love so much. This idea shouldn’t surprise us because it’s easy to see the psychological dependence that addictions cause overriding our ability to make healthy choices.

For instance, when someone attempts to quit an addiction to unhealthy foods, they will suffer from withdrawal. They may feel powerful cravings for what they have eliminated from their diet, even to the point where they experience physical pain and can become very sick. Instead of riding out this storm, many chose to give in to their cravings to relieve them from dis-ease. Thus they go back to their old diet, causing obesity, chronic illness, and even death. 

Now we can start to understand the true definition of disease better. The concept of disease is inherently natural; it is the “dis-ease” we feel when our body attempts to heal itself. When an unnatural condition occurs in our bodies, it takes action to correct the imbalance causing dis-ease. Despite all the advancements in modern medicine, we are still seeing people become sick, going to their physicians, emergency rooms, and hospitals from illnesses that our bodies should naturally cure independently.

Why hasn’t modem medicine discovered the cure for simple things such as the common cold? The answer is, almost all healthcare professionals were trained to focus on “curing” symptoms of dis-ease rather than disease prevention. There are so many different pathogens that can cause illness that it would be impossible to eliminate them all. That would be like trying to remove all alcohol on the planet to prevent alcoholism. Unfortunately, many modern treatments to “cure” disease hurt the body and take it further away from good health.

Proper healthcare should focus on illness prevention, which would involve removing as many harmful influences that cause an imbalance in our body. We shouldn’t try to stop dis-ease when it occurs unless we are near death because that is our body’s natural reaction to imbalance. Our body’s natural healing process causes the dis-ease, which is the same process an addict goes through when experiencing withdrawal. Yes, being sick is not a pleasant experience; however, any unnatural intervention to “cure” the symptoms only weakens our body and is like an addict giving into their cravings to reduce feeling dis-ease.

Let me illustrate my point another way. What would happen if you didn’t change the oil in your car regularly? Dirt particles that enter the engine (similar to pathogens entering our body) will wear against the moving parts (like wearing down the body’s ability to maintain health) until the engine would become damaged (chronic health issues) or destroyed (death). What seems like a better choice, only taking your car into the shop to repair damage (dis-ease) or regularly maintaining the vehicle (healthy habits)? Which is cheaper, to have the oil changed regularly or replace the engine regularly?

Keep in mind that like a car that will eventually stop working, no matter how hard we try to maintain it, our bodies will stop working one day too. Ask yourself, how long do you want to live, and what quality of life do you want during that time?

To achieve optimal health, We need to keep our body well maintained at its natural state so that our immune system can quickly fix imbalances to health when they occur. Instead of treating the symptoms of diseases, the most straightforward, the cheapest, and the healthiest solution is to do our best to avoid anything that will cause prolonged internal imbalance. The absolute best medicine is prevention, not intervention. When our bodies are truly healthy (a natural state of balance able to quickly and efficiently rid the body from harmful external influences), we will very rarely suffer from dis-ease.

Nobody wants to be overweight, sick or slowly dying, but most people don’t have the power to make changes or even the knowledge of what they need to change. What makes this even harder is that many healthcare professionals can’t agree on what is actually healthy for us humans. Cutting-edge science seems to keep changing its opinion on treating disease, which is confusing to many. However, many healthcare professionals neglect the honest answer to the best health imaginable, living a lifestyle our bodies are designed to work efficiently.

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