What is a Naturotherapy?

Natural Healthcare has many different sub categories. Naturotherapy is the general term used and a parishioner is called a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.). These Doctors have had extensive training in helping improve their patients health through non medical means. In many peoples eyes this makes them a form of Complimentary Alternate Medicine (CAM). Should you trust Naturotherapy, and if so why chose an ND over a MD?

There are many types of healthcare providers to chose from. The most recognized are Medical Doctors (M.D.). These doctors have been taught to treat symptoms, but most have very little training in preventive medicine or nutrition. Unfortunately, almost all other methodologies for healthcare work the same way, treating symptoms after they arise.

In a healthy body, one that is working properly, most germs and viruses would quickly die because the body would be inhospitable to dangerous disease. Symptoms rarely manifest themselves until the internal conditions of the body are so unnatural that harmful viruses and bacteria thrive. Viruses make us ill by invading our cells and using them to reproduce, literally using our own bodies against us. However, if our body is truly healthy, not just symptom free, most viruses and harmful bacteria would die before they had a chance to make us feel sick.

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