It’s simple, eliminate the problem by removing the cause!


What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

Naturopathy is a healthcare system that emphasizes illness prevention and promotes self-healing over interventions. When interventions are necessary, Naturopaths use non-medical, non-pharmaceutical treatments. This includes diet, supplements, and non-chiropractic skeletal alignment through soft tissue manipulations. Often overlooked by the public, Naturopaths are an excellent option for those struggling to find effective and affordable health care. Naturopathy is not covered by most insurance companies, so Dr. Green has a financial assistance program to help those in need.

Dr. Green’s Natural Healthcare Blog

Learn how to prevent most health disorders by adapting to a natural lifestyle.

How to use this Blog

Series: The Path to Natural Health Starts Here, Section 1. The most significant flaw in modern medicine is the same flaw we see in our modern lifestyle. People want a fast fix to almost everything. Wanting things done “now” had caused the most remarkable tragedies…

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The Origins of Depression

The theory of providing a pill for the rest of someone’s life is flawed if you eliminate the cause of the symptom, removing the need for medications.

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Are Humans Omnivores?

Series: The Natural Lifestyle for Humans Part 1 Our Natural Diet, Section 1. Trigger warning: this post will challenge your beliefs. Please accept the challenge and examine your beliefs without bias. Human beings are not a species or “kind” of their own. When we compare the…

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