Why Choose a Natural Healthcare Doctor?

Natural Healthcare is a system that emphasizes prevention, treatment, and optimal health through therapeutic methods and natural substances that promote self-healing. Often overlooked by the public, Natural Healthcare Doctors are an excellent option for those struggling to find affordable and effective health care. If you’re not sure if a Natural Healthcare Doctor would be a good fit for you, read on to learn the reasons why you should consider using Dr. Green, N.D. as your doctor.

The Origins of Depression

The theory of providing a pill for the rest of someone’s life is flawed if you eliminate the cause of the symptom, removing the need for medications.

Are Humans Omnivores?

Series: The Natural Lifestyle for Humans Part 1 Our Natural Diet, Section 1. Trigger warning: this post will challenge your beliefs. Please accept the challenge and examine your beliefs without bias. Human beings are not a species or “kind” of their own. When we compare the anatomy of humans (which I will refer to by ourContinue reading “Are Humans Omnivores?”

INDEX: Natural Healthcare for our Modern World.

I am writing this collection of blogs to give the world an easy-to-understand resource on why our modern lifestyle is the origin of most mental, physical, and social problems.

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